Drafting the ‘so what?’ of the digital quality model

A bit of feedback from the recent call about the Local Government Digital Quality Model call was that the materials really need to sell the ‘so what’ around all of this.

I think there are 2 things here:

  • so what about the model
  • so what about being good at digital, design, data and technology

I have had a go at the second one initially, because I think this might make it easier to do the first one!

So, what I have come up with is this, as a first draft:

Why should councils care about the quality of their digital design, data and technology?

  • Efficiency – the better you are at digital, the cheaper and quicker your services will be at successfully meeting the needs of residents (etc)
  • Prevention – good use of digital helps the council to prevent need from arising in the first place, reducing demand on the council’s services
  • Resident (etc) experience – better use of digital means the users of services get a better experience, and are less likely to complain, or resort to other channels
  • Agility – councils with high quality approaches to digital are adaptive organisations, able to respond to change quickly and successfully
  • Risk reduction – good digital councils lessen the level of information security risk and the risk of projects or services not working as planned

As always I am struggling with the word resident – ‘user’ sounds too techie, and ‘customer’ puts a lot of people off. Any ideas for that?

Any feedback welcome!

Version 0.1 ready for comment

I have just finished writing the model’s content for the first full draft.

The completed documentation is:

  • the guide to the model (by far the biggest document at 60-odd slides)
  • the assessment pack (a template for assessors to use to log levels and evidence)
  • the calculator (a very simple spreadsheet to calculate overall levels)

This just leaves me to start work on:

  • the action plan template (for councils to log what their amvitions are and how they will get to them)
  • the actions library (the start of a community curated list of actions to be used in action plans to help councils decide what they need to do to reach their goals)

The completed drafts are available in the community. Apply to join to get involved!